Philadelphia Pa is all about the “freedom”, it’s entire identity is wrapped around independence and freedom but a friends trip to Bora-Bora really got me thinking about the notion of “freedom”.

My gal-pal Earl, is spending two weeks solo in Bora-Bora.   After a very difficult year where she lost both her mother and her sister, she decided to honor them by going to the place they  always dreamed about visiting.   She’s been posting on facebook about her journey and after one post I asked her what was the time difference, she said she had absolutely no idea.  In fact she wasn’t quite sure what day it was as she hasn’t worn a watch all week, had no firm itinerary nor carried her cell all week.

Whooa, that got me thinking.  Could I allow myself the freedom even on vacation,  to carry on without regard to time or the pressure of using “time” wisely.

Today I had a rare day off, truly off. No work, kid obligations, meetings or commitments yet I still can’t shake the feeling that I must do “something”.  That if the sun goes down without me “accomplishing” any thing it was a wasted day.  By 3 pm this afternoon I figured I’d better go outside not because I really wanted to but more because I really shouldn’t “waste” a  Sunday off.

After a few hours strolling through a outdoor festival celebrating Old City Philly I headed home relaxed and happy to be able to say I did something.  A small part of my brain still wishes I felt free enough to simply say I did nothing.